Gaurapad Ginseng Royal Jelly

Gaurapad Ginseng Royal Jelly
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Gaurapad Ginseng Royal Jelly is a potent formula from Ionics Research. It is all natural with advanced transdermal technology.

Gaurapad Patches are unique in that they deliver supplements directly through the skin, providing a steady dose of nutrients over a period of 24 hours. They are easily, conveniently and effectively absorbed, allowing for the full benefit intended. Your Gaurapad Supplement will not lose any potency by being metabolized by the liver or broken down by digestive acids.

Gaurapad Ginseng Royal Jelly is our all natural solution to longevity, youthfulness, and well-being. Ginseng has been widely used in Chinese Medicine and holistic healing, and now is being used in many fields of science. Royal Jelly is the food of the Queen Bee. Queen Bees live on royal jelly which explains their unique size, life span, and fertility.
Gaurapad has combined both Ginseng and Royal Jelly to create the best of both in this powerful yet natural, rapid-action solution for overall immunity based on advanced deep-penetration (transdermal) technology.

Use Gaurapad Ginseng Royal Jelly to:

  • Boost energy levels and mental alertness
  • Improve athletic performance and endurance
  • Enhance memory and concentration
  • Overcome stress and fatigue
  • Restore reproductive energy
  • Improve fertility

Directions for Use:

After cleaning the skin, remove one patch from the sheet and apply as shown on the box. Leave it on for up to 24 hours for maximum benefit.
NB: You can apply the patch anytime and anywhere.


Ingredients:All natural Ginseng and Royal Jelly



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