Le’JOYva Gourmet Black Coffee

Le’JOYva Gourmet Black Coffee
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Le’JOYva Gourmet Black Coffee is slowly roasted to perfection, with a smooth aroma and rich taste that you will crave and enjoy daily. Le’JOYva is the coffee drinker’s choice for java. It’s not just coffee, it is the healthiest gourmet coffee in an instant. Le’JOYva is specially formulated with 4 proprietary “SUPER FOODS”, known in ancient China for promoting health and wellness.

Le’JOYva Gourmet Black Coffee has been scientifically created with the perfect combination of “The King of Herbs”, aka Red Reishi, The Ganoderma Mushroom, “The Happy Berry”, Goji Berry, “The Healing Mushroom”, Yarcha Gumba (cordyceps) and “The Queen of Fruit(s)”, Mangosteen.

This unique blend will enhance your overall well-being and balance.

There has never been a Coffee as healthy and potent as Le’JOYva, and here’s the secret;

Ganoderma Mushroom: More commonly known as Reishi, Ganoderma is a hard, bitter mushroom used to promote health and longevity in traditional Chinese medicine. Proponents claim that Ganoderma can relieve fatigue, keep cholesterol in check, curb high blood pressure, tame inflammation, build stamina, and support the immune system.

Maintains healthy nerve and brain

It can help with dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, stroke and other central nervous system illnesses, and mental degeneration (decreased mental ability).

Good for Urinary tract health

It greatly decreases the infectious effects of urinary tract issues

 Prevents and Treats Diabetes

Asthma and Breathing problems

Grab a cup and enjoy the experience!

Le’JOYva, A Better Cup in an Instant

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