Advanced Low Frequency Treatment Massager

Advanced Low Frequency Treatment Massager
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What is low-frequency therapy?

Low frequency is defined as special current running or stopping in a steady rhythm. Thus, if applying appropriate intensity and oscillation rate for the body, highly rhythmical and soft stimulations are given. The gentle massage of low frequency resembles finger pressure or hand press, patting or massage, stimulating moderately the human muscles to relieve muscular pains.

The principle of low-frequency therapy

Low-frequency therapy is a sort of physiotherapy intended to help to relieve acute or chronic pains caused by stiffness or fatigue in the manner of applying low frequency to the human body, massaging directly the muscles with the stimulations, inducing nervous sedation and promoting the circulation of blood. In addition, this therapy causes muscular contraction, improving the resistance to physical weakness, obesity and diseases. Recently, it has been also used in obesity control machines on the basis of the principle of vibrating adipose cells.

Obesity control machine & Low frequency

Basically, obesity control machine aims to decrease the size of cell by applying low frequency directly to the muscular cells or obesity cells subject to overnutrition and vibrating them for the sake of higher activity and mobility. Even same low frequencies have differences in their intensity, appropriateness and feeling of affected person when the obesity is resolved. The intensity always does not increase with the benefits. It is critically important to make the frequency penetrate deeply into the skin.

 Low-frequency therapy apparatus

As a medical device used to promote the circulation of blood, to relieve acute/chronic pains and fatigue, and to reinforce the strength, low-frequency therapy apparatus is available of receiving readily physiotherapy at home or office and even during transfer, e.g. business trip. All kinds of functions provided by the previous high-price products are integrated. Depending upon various modes such as patting, massage and press, the optimal pain therapy is given - systemic physiotherapy appliance for the whole family.

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