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PhytoDefence is the first product of its kind to offer scientifically-proven phytonutrient protection. A convenient way to supplement the diet with a broad-spectrum of naturally occurring carotenoids, flavonoids and the active constituents in cruciferous vegetables;

Strengthens your body’s natural defences

The power of 6 optimal servings from a variety of fruits and vegetables in each sachet, to support your body’s natural defences* Convinient sachet containing; 3 Capsules of Carotenoid Complex, 2 Tablets of Flavonoid Complex and 1 Tablet of Cruciferous Plus.

Healthy Benefits:

Powerful immune boosting carotenoid nutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables to increase your immune system by 37% capacity in 20 days.

Boosts antioxidant levels in the blood to support your vital organs.

Protects your heart. Helps you to look younger and stronger.

Stops frequent illness and colds.

Stops the growth of fibroid and tumor.

Restores weak eyes.

For quick recovery from Fever or other long time sicknesses.

Prevents cancer (prostates, breast, lung etc.) breast lump or cancer formation.

Neutralizes toxins and prevents chemicals from causing free radical damages to the cells.

Excellent for treating stubborn infections and bacteria infectable diseases.

Powerful Immune booster

Prevents cancer formation

Protection of cells against free radicals

Boosts cancer fighting cells by 20%

Lowers cholesterol levels

Protect against all stages of carcinogen

Lowers the risks of heart diseases

Prevents cancer in all 3 stages

Improvement of Immune cell function

Dosage: 1 sachet daily.

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