Belly Fat Reduction Tea

Belly Fat Reduction Tea
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The combination of the Pro-slim tea and intestine cleansing tea can help with weightloss and most especially Belly fat reduction. The teas are safe and healthy for both male and female desiring to lose tummy fat without going out of pocket to do so. The teas are none caffeinated


Green world Pro-slim Tea can accelerate the aerobics decomposition of fat, eliminate sediment of fat, help metabolize fat sediment in the body, transform the fat into dissociate fat and finally dispel the fat solvent out of the body, regulate and decrease the fat level in the blood, reduce the excess energy, dissolve the harmful substance, meanwhile help release the defecation, discharge the toxin out of the body, reduce the absorption of toxin in the intestine, speed up the intestine microcirculatory system, improve the body resistance to diseases.

Pro-slim Tea also takes sour orange plant as its main composition.

These natural plant are rich in several kinds of stringy substances that can transform the fat molecule in the body, then form a gauze screen to absorb fat, control the body's absorption and usage of fat, finally discharge the fat efficiently out of body and stop the fat absorption.It suppress the absorption of fat in the intestine



Cleansing is the first step in a good weight control program, Colon cleansing, while not a pleasant topic to address, is a subject that cannot be overlooked in the quest for extended youth, weight loss, and total health.

Ingredients: Spirulina Platensis Extract, Cassia seed, Fructus Crataegi, Semen Coicis, and Green Tea.

Characteristics and Benefits:

Improves healthy bowel movement

Alleviates dyspepsia and flatulence;

Improves functioning of digestive system

Suitable for;

People intend to detoxify their system

People with constipation, pimples and dark spots on the skin

People desiring belly fat reduction.

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