Tasly Cranberry

Tasly Cranberry
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Cranberry – Ruby Of North America

Cranberry, a glossy, scarlet red, very tart berry native to America, grows only in highly acid soil on cold highlands. It usually takes between 3-5 years for the “Ruby of North America” which is planted less than 40,000 acres globally grows into its red fruit.

Functions of Cranberry

  • Inhibit E. coil from adhering to the urinary tract and thus prevent urinary infections
  • Inhibit H. pylori from adhering to the intestine and stomach and thus prevent  gastritis and gastric ulcers
  • Remove free radicals and prevent oxidation

Why consume Tasly Cranberry?

  1. No worries about the drug resistance
  2. Good in taste and easy to use
  3. Significant effects
  4. Multiple healthcare effects

Cranberry – “Protective Umbrella” of female health

Imported natural cranberry powder able to reduce risks of gynecological diseases, maintain urinary health, and offer 360-degree protection. Make women more confident, vigorous and beautiful!

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