Yeekong Lotus Detox Tea

Yeekong Lotus Detox Tea
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Yeekong Lotus Detox Tea

Product Function:

Reduce weight, lower blood fat and blood pressure, expel toxicity, nourish the face, moisten the intestines and free the stool.

Product Active Ingredients and Efficacy:

Lotus leaf: Break down accumulated fats, reduce the intake of lipid and cholesterol.

Ginseng: Promote lipid metabolism, reduce the intake of blood glucose.

Chinese Senna Seeds: Regulate liver to smooth stagnated qi and relieve constipation.

Chinese Preserving Melon: It is diuretic to help reduce swelling, can lower blood pressure.

Bitter Melon: Super low calorie, contain elaterin to prevent the formation of fat.

Chinese Hawthorn & Folium Sennae: Improve digestion and eliminates constipation.

Lemon & Green Tea: Anti-oxidant, smoothens and soften skin.

Suitable for People with:

Obesity, high blood lipids, intestinal stomach disorders, reduce body temperature, constipation.


Use one tea-bag each time with boiling or cool water, steep for 5 minutes before drinking.

1 – 3 days:      Elimination of toxins, regulation of endocrine glands, improvement of metabolism and feeling of satiety, appearance of soft stool, increase in defecation and cleansing of intestine.

4 -7 days:        Elimination of belly fat, slight increase in belly temperature, burning of excess fat.

10 – 30 days:   Increase metabolism. weight loss and sensation of lightness.

30 – 60 days:   Blood circulation is stable, all toxins and organic wastes are removed, the skin is smooth. elastic and pimples disappear.

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