Forever Multi-Maca And Bee Pollen

Forever Multi-Maca And Bee Pollen
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Forever Multi-Maca And Bee Pollen

Forever Living Products-Forever Living Multi-Maca & Forever Living Bee Pollen are tested and certified for revival of efficient sexual performance in men.

Forever Living Bee Pollen helps to provide energy and enhances stamina in men,it is readily digestible and easily absorbed.It contains no preservatives,all natural and no artificial flavours or colours.

Forever Multi-Maca is of Peruvian Maca and a sex herb modified into tablets for easier intake.Maca also known as Lepidium Meyenni helps promote libido ,sexual potency and energy in men.Forever Living Multi-Maca also combines other certified powerful herbs like aloe vera to create one of the finest supplements of its kind.

What to expect from this combination:

. Enhances sexual desire in men

. increases sperm efficiency

. Fully revives potency

. Provides strength for better stamina

. Enhances good flow of blood in the penis thereby making it larger

.It is NAFDAC APPROVED and have NO side effects.

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