Swissgarde Royal Jelly Capsule

Swissgarde Royal Jelly Capsule
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Royal jelly Capsule is obtained from beehives.Royal Jelly is rich in amino acids (29 to be exact), 10-hydroxydecenoic acid (10-HDA), lipids, sugars, vitamins, and proteins. It contains vitamins A, B complex (including folic acid and inositol), C, D and E, and also has ample levels of iron and calcium, as well as other minerals. Royal Jelly also contains acetylcholine.

Royal Jelly has been shown to help balance hormones. This makes it beneficial to those individuals that suffer from a hormonal imbalance, as it helps to provide support to the endocrine system. It may also help with fertility issues that are related to hormonal imbalance.

Key Function of Swissgarde Royal Jelly Capsule

It helps with hormonal related fertility issues

Prepares the woman body for conception

Boost the body's immune system to fight diseases

Size: 30 capsules

Directions: One capsule daily

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