Vagina Inflammation Self-test Card

Vagina Inflammation Self-test Card
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The Vaginal inflammation Self-test card is used to test and prevent the female's vaginitis. It's popular among female all over the world.

The Vagina inflammation self test card can help you to self-test, by analyzing the vaginal fluid pH values (pH), whether you suffer from vaginal inflammation and levels of inflammation of: Normal, mild inflammation, severe vaginal inflammation. It is simple, direct, fast, accurate and economical. It is a good method of detection of vaginitis.

Rationale: pH value between 4.0~8.0
1 When the sample is 4.0~4.5, normal, acidic;
2 When the sample is 4.5~5.5, the most satisfactory health status;
3 When the sample is 5.5~7.0, mild inflammation;
4 When the sample is 7.0~8.0, serious vaginitis
Get the sampling cotton stick to be stained with some secretion from then users vagina and spread it out onto the self-test card. After 30 seconds, compare the color with those on the color contrastive from and then get the results.

(1) Had better use it in the morning, without bath, without sexual intercourse.
(2) Avoid using them during the days of the menstrual period.
(3)Avoid the obstruction of medicine.

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