Vagina Herbal Gel

Vagina Herbal Gel
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Tags: maintain healthy vagina, tightening vagina, vaginal infection

【Product Name】Vagina Herbal Gel
【Main Ingredients】Aloe, Japanese Stephania Root, Motherwort, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis, Golden Thread , Fructus Cnidii .Etc.
【Health Function】A 100% natural formulation with no side effects.

Longreen Vagina Herbal Gel helps to maintain healthy vagina and reveals women's intimate beauty. It combines an innovative formulation in an original presentation. Those ovules contain botanical essences which have a strong antibacterial and antifungal activities. It works simultaneously and locally in tightening vagina and in avoiding vaginal infectious problems, while other medicinal preparations work in it separately.

One Vagina Herbal Gel brings effective vagina protection and stimulation and is an ideal partner for taking care of women intimacy.

 Effective ingredients help in eliminating unpleasant vaginal odor, relieving  itchiness and preventing raiding of germs  Provide vaginal comfort and softness.

【Usage】insert the injection into the vagina 4-5cm, push the handspike, inject the gel into vagina

        Once a day,6 days as a course of treatment


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