GNLD Vita Squares (120 Tabs)

GNLD Vita Squares (120 Tabs)
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GNLD Vita Squares provides optimal cellular nutrition that supports children’s physical and mental growth and development and emotional well-being.

The formulation specifically addresses the nutritional needs of children.

This is more than just a multivitamin. The most complete children’s supplement available, Vita Squares contains vitamins, minerals, lipids, sterols and other whole-food- based nutrients that are deficient in many diets but that are essential for optimal well-being.

This natural supplement for children contains Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates. Our exclusive formulation from whole wheat berries, rice bran and soybeans supplies lipids and sterols that are often processed out of the foods that make up children’s dietary staples.

Broad-spectrum antioxidant protection from the entire vitamin E family of naturally occurring mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols, not just the most common member (alpha-tocopherol) or the synthetic form.

It is 100% naturally occurring sweeteners and flavourings.

Sweetened with fruit juice concentrates (oranges, apples and grapes) and fructose and flavoured with berry essences.

Contains no sucrose but tastes great!

Optimal mineral supplementation. Chromium has been added and Zinc included for its part in strengthening the body’s defense system.

Concentrations of Copper have been increased while elevated levels of Iron help maintain healthy red blood cells, which play a role in oxygen transportation.

The product also features Iodine shown to be an essential component of important hormones (thyroid).

The Choline and inositol are both important for cognitive function i.e. learning and memory.

Chewable tablets are easy to digest and absorb.

No preservatives or artificial colours.

Low-allergy formula.

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